Implementation and Training

How do my Team and I get trained on My Ally?

  • We take great pride in our hands-on onboarding process and our implementation team. Our customer success team continuously monitors your usage trends and steps in to proactively train your team when opportunities arise.

How long does it take to get up and running?

  • One to two weeks is usually all it takes to complete offloading all scheduling to My Ally, although the exact time can depend on custom workflows. Important to note, however, that this timeline can also be impacted by the number of integrations you choose and how quickly your team completes assigned set-up tasks. As such, we recommend conservatively assuming four weeks for full implementation.

What training do you provide?

  • My Ally customers have access to training videos, user manuals, and calls with our customer success team based on the SLA of their contracted plan.
  • Our customer success team is truly world-class and is your “white-glove service.” They are a constant point of internal emphasis. You’ll quickly notice that you’re in the best hands throughout your subscription period!

What are the different user permissions?

    We have three user permission sets:

  • System Admins can manage all interview processes, monitor metrics, and change company and individual user preferences.
  • Recruiters have the power to see and do most everything, on the jobs they're assigned to, so they don’t have to go through searching for their specific needs.
  • Interviewers have access to manage their preferences and interactions with the assistant as needed.