Pipeline Management

Reduce candidate pipeline time by 75%

Complete Visibility Into Candidate Progression Within Your Pipeline

  • My Ally flags candidates that need to be moved forward in real time, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Our assistant doesn't nag - it nudges you!

Follow Ups - constant tracking

  • Candidate time-in-pipeline will decrease by up to 75% .

My Ally's Recruiting Tools Save Time At Every Stage Of The Funnel

Here's how we'll add time to your day (with our three Ps)

Predictive Candidate Prioritization

AI-powered recommendation and alerts on where to fill your pipeline to ensure you
meet your hiring goals with AI-powered recommendations on candidates most likely to
convert and need attention.

Proactive Pipeline Indicators

My Ally tracks where candidates are piling up or becoming thin and automatically alerts
you to manage pipeline for each stage.

Performance Tracking Indicators

Performance and Recruiting activities are automatically tracked for your entire team in
canned or customizable reports so you can grab metrics around hiring speed, productivity,
pipeline health, and more whenever you need them.