Great onboarding improves employee retention by 88%, but only 12% of businesses make it a priority. Keep your best people onside by making sure they feel engaged and valued from day one – and every single day after.

Onboard talent faster and retain them longer.

The right people can have a positive impact on your business. Get the best chance of keeping them on your team with My Ally’s automated employee onboarding and engagement, featuring everything you need to create a workforce with a shared vision.

  • New hire onboarding
  • Form completion
  • Next-generation HR front desk
  • Orientation & policy training
  • AI-driven cross-training, upskilling, and offboarding

Develop and grow a team of A-players.

Deliver meaningful employee experiences by identifying internal talent for cross-skilling and upskilling, bringing new hires up to speed faster and more thoroughly, and making HR information accessible to every employee.

  • Fully automated scheduling of onboarding activity
  • Employee skill gap analysis
  • Seamless integration with legacy HRMS and ERP
  • Form data sync with existing databases
  • Conversational AI for 24-hour employee access

Employee Engagement reimagined.

Set employees up for long-term success, keep your best and brightest minds, and leverage the power of analytics to create customized employee experiences that best suit individual offices and teams — or your entire workforce.

+ 82% increase in new hire retention
+ 18x improvement in employee engagement
+ Shortened time until employee productivity
+ Remove frustration for new employees
+ Identify defining traits of top performers
+ Identify defining traits of top performers

Automation vs. Control

Automation when you want it. Control when you need it.
Automation makes your business leaner, more efficient, and reliable. But when you need to take back total control of your HR processes, you need a solution that can deliver it.

Strike the right balance between automation and control, and give your HR teams the data they need to create more human candidate experiences with My Ally.

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