Conversational AI

Conversational AI enables users and software to effortlessly share information with each other. It’s critical to providing a singular experience to both candidates and HR teams.

Our digital AI assistant Sky manages conversations in two ways:

  • My Ally Retain includes a next-generation HR front desk, which automatically answers employee questions on payroll, benefits, team and organization structure, time off, and anything else you wish to make accessible.
  • Our platform uses conversational AI to allow individual modules and third-party software to share information, allowing you to control and manage the entire talent lifecycle from one central location.


Programming high-volume tasks to be completed by our AI system allows your human recruiters and HR professionals to focus on people and strategic initiatives. Automation makes your business leaner, more efficient, and reliable.

Businesses are often concerned about and allowing computers to operate freely in the dark – and rightly so. With My Ally, you can see every step triggered by the AI assistant in the Activity Center, including:

  • Actions
  • Escalations
  • Cancellations
  • Negotiations
  • Timestamps

Machine Learning

Our platform deploys machine learning to continually refine the user experience for both talent and HR professionals, and enabling HR leaders to improve their talent strategies. Sky gathers information on usage patterns to determine the fastest way to complete your automated tasks.

Natural Language Processing

A key strength of our platform is the ability for HR teams to automate aspects of talent communication without compromising how ‘human’ it feels.

One way we enable this is through Natural Language Processing, which allows our AI system to pick up on patterns and nuances in communication, and leverage those to craft the human-like messaging that goes out to candidates and employees.

NLP is used across our source-to-retain platform, including:

Deep Data Analytics

Analytics and data points are built into every aspect of our Talent Lifecycle Management platform. With all your information accessible from one central dashboard, it’s easier than ever to gain insights and see the advantage of AI measured quantitatively.

Strengthen your HR strategy with our analytics dashboard to:

  • Gain insights from historical data
  • Highlight hiring best practices
  • Study and define patterns in hiring
  • Identify high-performing users
  • Measure adoption rates and success
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