Frequently Asked Questions

My Ally provides you with your own assistant called Alex. Alex is a blend of human skill with years of executive assistant experience and AI software that enables us to massively scale our service. Our goal is to create a product that is both flawless AND scalable.
Alex is a sophisticated blend of Human and artificial intelligence.This combination ensures quality, accuracy and human like communication! Imagine a really smart assistant who never makes errors, that you can completely offload all aspects of your calendar management to ­ we have created Alex to meet that need.
No, all you have to do is share your calendar with and provide a basic set of meeting preferences. Next, just cc or email Alex for any scheduling needs. Alex will handle all the back and forth, follow up to get the meeting on your calendar and ? send invites to your contacts.
Alex is really just like a dedicated assistant that you can completely offload your scheduling to. Just treat Alex like he/she was seated outside your office.
Due to our human supervision layer, we have very high accuracy rates. Our blend of AI, traditional software and human supervision creates a highly sophisticated and smart service that parses complex email threads with many parties, understands the context and takes appropriate action. We will not let emails fall through the cracks even if you forget! We also guard our customer data with utmost care. Please read our privacy policy here .
Since our AI software is checked and supervised by a human, all communication from Alex seems completely ? natural and courteous.
We understand the importance of each and every customer relationship to you. We assist you in increasing your sales productivity: we enable you to reach out to more prospects, improve the yield of your outreach and help you get meetings scheduled faster.
Absolutely! We currently offer Alex on your domain as a premium service. You also have the option to name your own Alex e.g.,
We chose the name Alex because it is gender neutral. We believe men and women are equally skilled at performing this role or any role for that matter.
Simply send an email to Alex to reschedule your meeting. It will handle all the back and forth and get it done for you.
Yes, you can cancel your account anytime by emailing
We are happy to help! Shoot us a note here.
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