Evaluation Management

Evaluate candidates faster by automating
interview feedback collection

Busy hiring managers can be difficult to track down. My Ally's Evaluation Management Module reduces delays in feedback collection and helps to keep your process moving forward.

Are you tired of having your recruiters spend time chasing down other people's tasks?

  • Alex can take that off their plate too!
  • We want to make sure that Recruiters get back to doing what they do best - recruiting, that's why we've designed Alex to take care of all the mundane and repetitive tasks that keep Recruiters from recruiting!

No more delays in interview feedback collection - Our smart system learns
what times of day are optimal for soliciting feedback from each
hiring manager and pings them accordingly.


Reads feedback and automatically moves candidate to the next
step in your process - complete automation!


Creates transparency into interviewer response times so leadership can get on the case of perpetual slowpokes.