Assemble a Great Pool of Candidates

For global enterprises, attracting top talent is a leading priority. And it all begins with finding the right candidates. With My Ally, you’ll be able to fill your hiring pipeline with qualified candidates scored by our AI-powered shortlisting engine.

Discover & Attract qualified candidates.

Businesses need great talent more than ever. Enable your sourcing teams to find people who are most likely to fit open positions and keep your hiring pipeline full of relevant, qualified candidates.

  • Passive and active candidate engagement
  • Applicant screening and nurturing
  • Employee referrals
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Configurable candidate shortlisting

Find the right people to fuel your business.

Hiring the right people always starts with finding them. Use My Ally to source and score relevant talent, sync data across your HR tools, and set up the flow of candidate data to the rest of your recruiting process.

  • AI-driven candidate-position matching
  • Automated resume and application filtering
  • Integration with applicant tracking and HR systems
  • Candidate scoring system
  • Applicant data flow into recruiting funnel

Sourcing simplified.

Experience the advantage of AI-powered sourcing. Lay the foundations of a world-class candidate and talent experience, and focus on making human resources ‘human’ again.

+ Increase qualified candidates by over 2x
+ 91% application fill rate
+ 5x increase in applications
+ Best candidate experience prior to active engagement
+ High-impact nurture campaigns develop employer brand

Automation vs. Control

Automation when you want it. Control when you need it.
Automation makes your business leaner, more efficient, and reliable. But when you need to take back total control of your HR processes, you need a solution that can deliver it.

Strike the right balance between automation and control, and give your HR teams the data they need to create more human candidate experiences with My Ally.

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