End-To-End Coordination

- not just the simple stuff


Full Integration With Today's Most
Popular Calendaring Systems -

Gmail, Outlook, Office365

ATS Integrations

Operate bi-directionally and from one system of record. Your team can work from the same trusted ATS that they use today - no separate logins or new systems to learn, hassle-free and super easy implementation!

Integrations galore! My Ally seamlessly supports integrations with many of the tools that are core to your talent acquisition strategy - video conferencing, assessments, coding software and others.
Enjoy complete and hands-off automation.


Better Than Human Scalability
And Accuracy

  • Scalability: My Ally is “high-volume friendly” - push thousands of candidates into the scheduling process with one trigger.
  • Accuracy: Machines don’t miss :)
  • Your AI-powered assistant is a workaholic - it operates 24/7 and doesn’t require coffee breaks!
A Single Source Of Truth
  • Track all coordination activities in one central location - our
    dashboard gives yourself more visibility and control.
  • Monitor your new assistant’s performance and understand ROI.

Greater Visibility Into Recruiting Team
And Hiring Manager Effectiveness

  • Track Performance of your Interview Team.
  • Track Candidate Pipeline Movement by Recruiter.
  • See how your interviewers are responding to the interview process.

Complex Interview Panels

  • Playing calendar Tetris can be supremely painful.
  • Skill-based interviewer matching - Need to select from pools of interviewers?
  • Do you employ shadow interviews and reverse shadows?
  • Debrief within a 24-hour window?
  • My Ally can support even the most complex of processes.
Reschedule And Replace Easy
  • Give your team relief from constant calendar management tasks and provide transparency to your candidates.
  • My Ally’s reschedule and interviewer replacement features can be triggered by a simple calendar decline.