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Case Study


Outcome Health is the largest and most innovative company at the point of care. They're mission-driven company with a suite of products that address their singular goal of improving health outcomes for patients.


As Outcome Health is growing rapidly, the recruiting team needed a tool to support high volume interview coordination while ensuring a great experience for both candidate and interviewer.

Our Solution

My Ally's smart assistant, Alex, was integrated with
Outcome Health's Applicant Tracking System and email client
leading to the following:

Artificial Intelligence powered communication system setup
to move the candidates faster through the recruiting process.

Smart Algorithms for Task Flow Automation and Complex

Provide comprehensive analytics for pinpointing the bottlenecks
in the process to further improve the experience.


High volume brought by rapid growth

Maintaining Candidate Experience

Streamline Hiring process for a large team

Increase productivity and efficiency of the team


After integrating My Ally into their recruiting process, Outcome Health achieved the following results:

Average days in application
review changed from
7 days to 1 day

Hiring per week
went up
by 200%

Candidates moved 300%
faster in the interview
to job offer pipeline

Phone screens
went up
by 3.3x

For a team of four,
500+ hours per
month was saved

Alex has been instrumental in helping to manage high-volume pipelines on the order of 50+ candidates with increased effectiveness and efficiency, while reducing time to hire. We've been very fortunate in having Alex fully integrate directly into our ATS, Greenhouse, allowing for increased transparency and an even higher level of candidate care throughout the interview process. I would recommend any company give this tool and resource a fair shot, as it's been incredibly helpful for not only my team, by our organization overall.

-Jason Kemp, Talent Agent

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