Do you feel like you have to jump through countless hoops just to schedule a single interview? There’s the back and forth emails with the candidate to be taken into consideration, trying to find one or more conference rooms, possible rescheduling, and, then on top of it all, you have to generate a link for the interview and plug it all into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). My Ally believes in making it simple and saving your talent acquisition team as much time as possible by streamlining all facets of the recruitment process. That’s why we integrate seamlessly with your ATS  and your video conferencing tools. With My Ally, everything can finally happen in one place.

We have partnered with some amazing companies, for example BlueJeans, and created APIs that fit the entirety of your interview coordination suite within your ATS. First, just specify the type of interview you’d like your candidate to proceed to, then select the platform for the interview. Is it taking place over a phone call, an in-person interview, or through BlueJeans to include remote participants via video? Next, Alex, our AI bot will work with the candidate via email to find a suitable time, book the room, schedule and get a BlueJeans meeting ID, and put all of the details on everyone’s calendars. With My Ally and BlueJeans it’s as easy as a click.