A few months ago, I found myself staring at the computer screen at sometime around midnight trying to finish up pending work. My tummy had long back given the alert to eat, but my brain reminded that I should complete the task as the deadline is fast approaching. Late nights are always a good time for brooding, especially to look back at life. It seemed I had graduated only yesterday, but the carefree life was long gone. A routine had set in, deadlines crowd my thoughts, and daily meetings had become the new norm. How easily did I assimilate myself into this new chapter called work-life!

Straight from college, I entered a corporate workspace. I was one among the many. It was easy to get lost among the hundreds. That’s the beauty of corporate life, right? Each day starts with a rushed breakfast and I would run to office in my formals. Just as I enter the workspace, I merge with a crowd of formals, smoothly and swiftly. The day would be busy with discussions and meetings. Before I know it, I would be back in my room, dying for a sound sleep. But, there were helpful seniors who played a pivotal role in my transformation from a clueless fresher.

Flash Forward to the present. From the order and invisibility of corporate space, I have moved on to chaos and visibility. Yes, you guessed it right, a startup space. I joined My Ally in May 2017. All of a sudden, I found myself working in a small team, where I was seen, my voice was heard, my contribution was crucial.

Being in the Operations team, I am required to stand on my toes. I would like to think I am the superhero, waiting to jumping in to solve customer issues. Almost, like a mini-Batman, guarding over our AI assistant, Alex and its customers. Though unlike Gotham, Alex seldom has issues. Jokes apart, working in a startup gets you closer to the product, than in a corporate space. Understanding the product is the first step to understanding your job. Your performance, too, depends on how well you know the product. What is the point of trying to solve a customer issue, if you do not know what the product does in the first place?

Entering the startup space also changed my thoughts about career growth. I realized that one has to always in the lookout for learning new skills. Career is also about empowering ourselves, personally and professionally. Productivity became my favorite word, quite quickly after joining My Ally. It was not just about finishing projects, but finishing it with efficiency. Each employee’s productivity directly affects the company’s success. And the heartwarming feeling you have when you have a role to play in the company’s success? Tell me about it!

But, it’s not all work and no play. All of us eagerly wait for our Feasty Fridays! Although we have fully stocked pantry and company sponsored dinner throughout the week, Fridays we order food that fills our heart and tummy alike. Each birthday is an occasion for us to celebrate together. Truth be told, some days I think, my college days aren’t over yet. In a startup like My Ally, the right reward to hard work is, fun. And we get plenty of it. As a young professional, to have a firsthand experience in the success of the company is something that keeps me moving even on the toughest of days.

What more could I ask for?!

If you are looking to work at My Ally, hesitate no more. Write to us at knockknock@myally.ai

Service Ninjas, we are called :-)

Service Ninjas, we are called :)