Who we are

Finding, hiring and keeping great people is far more complicated than it needs to be. We’re changing the way human resources powers up the world’s most innovative companies.

Developed for enterprise human resource teams, My Ally is the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence Talent Lifecycle Management platform. Giving complex organizations the tools to discover, hire, and retain the right people to fuel business, My Ally customers discover and attract better talent, interview and hire more quickly, and reduce the time new employees become productive.

What we do

Human Resource and Talent teams deal with multiple disconnected systems, inefficient and unscalable manual processes, and error-prone and time-consuming tasks. That means missed opportunities with candidates, lower employee engagement, and resource-draining churn.

By unifying talent discovery, acquisition and retention, we help businesses create superior candidate and employee experiences.

My Ally uses AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to turn discovering, acquiring and retaining talent into a more human experience. Learn more about the technology by visiting the features page.


Deepti Yenireddy

Deepti Yenireddy

CEO & Founder

Deepti founded My Ally in 2015 with a vision of transforming the talent journey to meet the global enterprise demands of Human Capital Management in the 21st century. [read bio]

Mahesh Baxi

Mahesh Baxi

SVP of Customer Success & Implementation

With 25 years of experience in global IT Products and Services, Mahesh specializes in helping My Ally create customer value for enterprise HR and Talent Acquisition teams. [read bio]

Samir Duggal

Samir Duggal

GM, Operations

An accomplished business and management professional, Samir brings to his role as the head of My Ally’s India team 25+ years of Entrepreneurial, Product, R&D and Leadership experience. [read bio]

Krishna Chaitanya Karri

Krishna Chaitanya Karri

Director of Engineering

With 12+ years of experience in software development and engineering leadership, Krishna leads the expansive team that builds, tests and refines My Ally’s products. [read bio]

Carter Perez

Carter Perez

VP of Sales

Backed by 30 years of experience in sales and leadership positions, Carter is responsible for driving global customer acquisition and business development at My Ally, with a focus on growing the company’s enterprise client base. [read bio]

Aaron Bolshaw

Aaron Bolshaw

VP of Marketing

Aaron is a consummate revenue-minded global marketing executive with 15+ years planning and executing B2B and B2C marketing operations from Fortune 500, Inc. [read bio]


Nagi Prabhu

Product Strategy & Management

CPO of Solutionreach, Inc., Nagi has an impressive track record in product strategy, product management and engineering leadership track record in startups, rapid-growth and fortune-500 technology companies. [read bio]

Manish Gupta

Product Marketing

CMO of Redis Labs, Manish is recognized for scaling public and private businesses and growing significant enterprise value over the past 25 years. [read bio]

Justin Somaini

Information Security

Board member at Malwarebytes, and trusted advisor to several security protocol rich technology ventures, Justin also served as the Chief Security Officer for SAP for several years. [read bio]


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