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Three years ago, college buddies Deepti Yenireddy and Naveen Varma Alluri found themselves becoming increasingly frustrated with a problem shared by millions the world over - they were spending multiple hours each day setting up, scheduling, and rescheduling business meetings. The technically-inclined graduates of Indian academic powerhouse IIT Madras (an institution akin to America’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology) decided they would set out on a mission to automate away one of the life’s biggest universal time-sucks. They co-founded Skedool.it, a platform that would use AI and machine learning to function as a “smart-assistant” for busy professionals. Skedool.it was tested in a number of different applications (sales, retail, healthcare, etc), but was quickly and noticeably pulled by the market towards one red-hot pain point - corporate recruitment. Numerous requests for a more robust and focused product aimed at tackling the particular scheduling challenges faced by today’s talent acquisition professionals led the co-founders to make a slight pivot, and such is how My Ally was born. Momentum built, and as prospects turned into customers, Deepti and Naveen began to feel they were onto something. Great companies are the result of great people working together to do great things. By empowering talent acquisition teams to hire more great people, My Ally is helping the world to build many great companies - and making an impact on such a grand scale is something that our team is incredibly excited about.

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Deepti Yenireddy - CEO

A graduate of IIT Madras, Deepti has headed key functions across global organizations like Shell, Schlumberger, and Oppenheimer Funds. Now she juggles her time looking after her two babies - 4 year old Krishnav, and 3 year old MyAlly.
Favourite Game of Thrones Character - Lyanna Mormont

Lauren Delfino - Head of Sales

Former VP of sales at ZipRecruiter, Lauren is the newest edition to the MyAlly family. She's originally from Kansas City, and is a Mid-Western girl at heart Sales aside, she does an excellent job of protecting the postman and the gardener from the daily wrath of her two Jack Russel terriers, Kimber and Mack.
Favourite Travel Destination - Italy

Naveen Alluri - Head of Engineering

Also a graduate of IIT Madras, and veteran Engineer of Qualcomm and Samsung, Naveen co-founded MyAlly with longtime friend Deepti. He heads a crack team of top engineers by day and drives around the city on his Harley Street Rod fighting crime by night.

Shiv Kumar Agarwal - Data Scientist and Resident AI Expert

Shiv graduated from IIT Madras and worked with Amex before joining the MyAlly team. He loves reading books, and is a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan, and lives by the Tolkien quote, 'It's the job that never started as takes the longest to finish'.
Favourite Movie Franchise - The MCU

Our Advisors

Paige Cherny Product Advisor

Paige is a Recruiting Market and Technology super-expert. She's all-around obsessed with talent acquisition software, stemming 15 years as a recruiter and systems geek with companies such as T-Mobile, Amazon, and SAP SuccessFactors. She currently consults to emerging technology startups in the recruiting space and helps employers pick the talent software that’s right for them.

Russ Mikowski Sales Advisor

Russ is a highly accomplished sales leader with a proven ability in building and leading high-performance sales organizations for companies like iCIMS, Ladders, and Living Social. He also serves on the advisory board of multiple high-growth start-ups. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of MeterX, a start-up focused on helping companies around the world level up their meeting culture.

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